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SHEIN HAUL // Ruhatárfrissítés : távolkeletet idéző darabok a SHEIN-ról

For many reasons lately i prefer to shop online and one of my most-visited webshop is SHEIN.
I felt my wardrobe needed a little refreshment but i couldn't find any nice clothes for me since months. Well, it's my "fault" due i can't stand any of those clothes that now in fashion, and these days i feel only the instaGLAM style sold in the fast-fashion boutiques. Nothing wrong with the crop-tops and mini leather skirts but i won't wear any revealing item especially at winter and the problem is, there is nothing else in the shops...  Everyone dresses the same way these days and all the shops sells the same clothes. Insane. 

So I decided to browse on SHEIN again but this time i was looking for an exact style: far-east style kimonos. I always fancied this effortlessly-perfectly feminine and elegant look. So sensual, so mysterious... just my style.... :) 
Find my picked items below and leave a comment if you like any of them or if not... :'D

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