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Winter is the most hated season of mine i feel so depressed even of thinking the "compulsory basic dark outfits" .
Black  makes me so depressed i can't wear them even for a second on a sunny summer day. Same story with grey. I look horrible in earth tones so brown wasn't an option at all.... Every time of this year i stressin' hard if i will find something weareable at all. 
To cut the story short i need a light, vibrant, happy colour on me especially in the dark winter days to keep myself happy. :) I was thinking to get a light pinkish coat or maybe a sexy red with a pair of boots in the same colour. 

I went to shopping the other day and i have found this lovely pink fluffy fur-coat in the Primark for only £ 30 and these amazingly comfortable ankle boots in Deichmann's.
I'm so happy with both of them, just what i was looking for.  A couple of days later i found in my wardrobe my beloved marsala handbag from last year as well which goes perfectly for this ou…

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